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Promotion of the channel on Youtube. Missing puzzle fragments

This article is a logical continuation of the material preceding it - “Promotion of the channel on YouTube. Part 1. In it, we will try to finally fulfill the promise made in 1, telling you about the internal optimization of the channel and recommendations for the design of the videos loaded on it, as well as about some individual nuances, somehow related to the promotion of YouTube videos.

YouTube Video Step-by-Step Optimization

Earlier we mentioned that seo and YouTube promotion have a lot in common. And now you can see it again. Almost everything that will be discussed below, you have already done in one form or another when optimizing the contents of the pages of your sites.

So, when optimizing video for YouTube, you should pay special attention to ensuring that the following conditions are met:

1) The headings of the published rollers should be:

  • as unique as possible, for this you should check by searching if there are already published videos with headlines like yours;
  • interesting, unusual, intriguing, contain numbers and attention-grabbing words like “successful / successful”, “secrets”, “usefulness”, etc.;
  • with key request at the beginning.



2) When writing a description, you need to:

  •  keep fit size - at least 300 cm. (although ideally 500-1000);
  •  follow its uniqueness;
  •  introduce a few keywords into it: video optimization for YouTube is primarily aimed at participating in the search at the request of users;
  •  write for people: as in SEO, when promoting on YouTube, texts (in the description) should not just be an incoherent listing of key messages, but a kind of mini-articles, the contents of which will allow potential viewers to understand, what will be the video about before it is directly viewed;
  •  repeat the title of the video in it;
  •  use at least three links: on the same video, on the channel and on an promoted web resource or one of the articles posted on its pages;



3) The “tags” section (keywords) should be filled with keywords that directly relate to the contents of the video. This will increase the likelihood of displaying it in the “Recommended” section, where even users who are not subscribed to your video will be able to familiarize themselves with it, which will positively affect the promotion of the YouTube channel.

4) The first comment under the video you need to make yourself. This is a small psychological trick that will increase the likelihood of writing comments by users watching your videos.

5) There must be calls for action in the video itself. Otherwise, after watching, a person simply “leaves” without taking the targeted action, for the sake of which the promotion of video on YouTube was actually started. Also, do not forget to mention the possibility and even the need to put likes, repost, subscribe to the channel, etc.

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A few words about social. signals and behavioral factors

Like the results of website promotion using SEO methods, promotion on YouTube is significantly dependent on user behavior.

After all, it is clear that the more likes and repos have the roller, the more reasons YouTube has to display it in the first positions of its search results or in “Recommended”.


In addition, it is important to know and remember that YouTube is closely following new videos in the first 12 hours of their publication. It is during this period that you need to try to collect the maximum number of views and comments.

And then everything will go according to the principle of avalanche - those who looked and liked it will share with other users, plus the video will increasingly fall into the “Recommended” and there will be more and more views. Therefore, promotion will give all the best results.

Separate YouTube Video Promotion Recommendations

  1. The names of the downloaded video files must match their alleged headings and be recorded in Latin.
  2. Be sure to use annotations in the video itself to motivate viewers to take targeted actions. They can easily be made using a built-in video manager.

  3. Think about the structure and content of the channel’s homepage, Do not forget to post on it a fact-finding motivation video, etc.
  4. Use all available channel design tools, make it as different from competitive.
  5. Do not use YouTube-proposed footage from videos as screensavers for them. It is better to download your own pictures, preferably with text starting to conduct a dialogue with the user even before he chose the video to view.

  6. Use playlists. Break up downloaded videos into separate lists by categories, sections, topics to provide viewers with the opportunity to easily navigate. As with SEO, usability plays far from the last role to advance on YouTube.
  7. Remember to develop and place a channel logo in the corner of every video downloaded to it. This will contribute not only to promoting YouTube videos and channel recognition, but also to branding the site to which it is dedicated.

It's time to start promoting YouTube videos

As you can see, video optimization for YouTube is a rather painstaking process that requires certain knowledge, most of which, fortunately, are already available for those who are familiar with the topic of SEO.

If necessary, study this and previous material several more times, determine which types of videos  you will shoot, select keywords from the SJ of your website and you can safely start promoting the YouTube channel.

At the same time, it is important not only to start, but also to regularly engage in this process so that the results do not keep you waiting for a long time.

If you have any questions about the topic, ask - we will definitely answer you!

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