Do you want to be in the TOP-3 Google? Leave a request and get an offer! Do you want to be in the TOP-3 Google? Leave a request and get an offer!

SEO consultation

When do you need an SEO consultation?
You only develop the site and its structure
You have created a website, but do not know where to start promotion
Do you have SEOs whose work you want to check
You consider the resource to be optimized, but positions are not growing
You refuse SEO services and don't know what to do next
Do you have a specific SEO question for your website?
How much does an SEO consultation cost?
1 hour with Pavel Shulga, head of the Akademiya SEO - $500
1 hour with SEO Specialist at Akademiya SEO - $100
How does it go
SEO consultation is conducted via skype in voice conversation mode. In advance, you are given the contact of the employee with whom the consultation will be held.
The day before the consultation, you send the address of your site and the questions you want to solve. We conduct a quick analysis and identify the main problems.
At the appointed time, you call skype for a detailed study of the issues.
Pay attention
SEO specialist consultation includes:
  • answer questions
  • adjustment of promotion strategy
  • indicating basic errors
  • assistance in the preparation of technical requirements for a programmer, copywriter
  • help in building a dialogue with contractors
  • checking the correctness of the anchor list, texts, semantics, etc.
  • recommendations for correcting errors
  • explaining how it works
What the consultation does NOT include:
  • drawing up TOR
  • site audit
  • composing a semantic core
  • writing title, description, etc.
  • content search and other SEO services
We want you to understand the principles of search engines and learn how to promote websites on your own during the SEO consultation.
Benefits of consulting with SEO specialists
Possibility to ask a question about SEO specifically for your site
Website promotion experience and specialist tools
Quick resolution of issues and construction of the necessary tasks
Fixing bugs that aren't blogged about
Save time searching for information

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