What is SEO website promotion

SEO website promotion is a set of services, the implementation of which is aimed at increasing the visibility and positions of the promoted Internet resource in the search engine results. It involves working to improve the quality of content and external factors that can confirm the usefulness of its content.

SEO promotion service leads to an increase in traffic and in the future to an increase in the performance of targeted actions by visitors - placing orders, making purchases, making calls, and so on. The customer of the service pays for the work on complex SEO, and not for transitions to the site, as happens when ordering contextual advertising.

Why you need SEO

It is worth ordering SEO website promotion to increase high-quality search traffic to the resource with a further increase in conversion and increase profits.
Website SEO service is needed in order to:
  • Overtake competitors in search results;
  • Attract maximum targeted traffic;
  • Get more orders and profits;
  • Improve the technical condition of the web resource;
  • Improve content quality and relevance;
  • Generate a permanent source of clients;
  • Increase brand awareness online;
  • Make your web resource attractive to potential customers.
Website optimization and promotion in Google allow you to increase the overall visibility of the resource in search results, increasing the influx of targeted visitors. Leading position in search engine results increases the level of trust in the company. This applies not only to customers, but also to potential partners. In some cases, website promotion services allow you to expand the company's activities geographically, covering neighboring regions. It also contributes to increased sales, and hence revenue growth.

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Stages of SEO optimization

Website promotion in search engines includes several stages, each of which is important for the final result.
Audit of the selected niche and sites of competing companies
A list of competitors from the TOP in the search results is formed, followed by a check on key parameters and an analysis of the information received. After that, a strategy for promoting the site in a search engine is drawn up, taking into account the data of competitors.
The result of the work done allows us to form a list of priority areas of the resource that can ensure maximum efficiency. Experts better understand niche growth points, form values, the achievement of which will increase traffic and positions.
Formation of the semantic core
Search promotion and site promotion includes the collection of thematic key queries with further structuring into priority sections and pages (clustering). SEO specialists analyze the visibility of a resource in search engines for certain queries from the semantic core with further development of a promotion strategy. Formation and development of an optimal structure, which will be enough to create the necessary landing pages for a selected and clustered group of search queries.
The result of compiling the SC is:
  • Generate a list of search queries that potential customers use to search for products and services you offer
  • Creating a list of key queries for promotion and promotion of the site, in particular pages that are not currently available, but can bring additional traffic
  • Formation of an effective structure of an Internet resource that is convenient for visitors, followed by the creation of pages for specific requests
Preparing meta tags (title, description, h1, h2, h3 headings) for the main promotion sections
SEO-promotion of the site in the TOP Google is problematic without the correct filling:
  • description for web resource pages
  • h1 headings, h2 and h3 level subheadings
The result of the work done is the formation of a list of meta tags for further promotion and optimization of the site.
Collection of semantic core and structure for blog headings and informational articles
This optimization step includes:
  • Selection of information thematic queries
  • Formation and development of an optimal resource structure with a sufficient number of landing pages for prepared and clustered groups of queries
  • Drafting a content plan for writing text materials for blog pages
As a result, we get:
  • A compiled list of informational search queries that potential customers can use when searching for your services or products.
  • A well-designed structure for the comfort of visitors with the necessary pages formed for certain requests
Development of terms of reference to eliminate internal optimization errors
Website promotion and optimization includes the following tasks:
  • Development of technical specifications for finding and removing broken links on the site
  • Preparation of terms of reference for optimizing the page loading speed in accordance with the requirements of Google PageSpeed Insights, followed by an increase in the performance of the Internet resource
  • Performing an optimization check on pages available for indexing by search engines
  • Adding an optimally written robots.txt and sitemap.xml file to increase indexing and prevent technical pages from being indexed
The result of this set of actions is:
  • Having a thorough internal audit of web resource optimization
  • Designing an effective plan to fix site errors and improve site performance
Work on the content
Website promotion in search engines includes a large amount of work with content, mainly text and illustrative. The following stages are distinguished:
  • Creation of terms of reference for the text content of pages to be promoted, or partial rewriting - depends on the results of the preliminary audit
  • Formation of instructions for copywriters
  • Analysis of the structure, text content and titles of resource pages
  • Create guidelines for editing texts and headings
  • Preparing a plan for linking pages
  • Checking texts for the correctness of its perception by the search engine
Performing the work allows you to get the following results:
  • Optimized text content that matches thematic queries
  • Effective page promotion for key queries embedded in text and headings
  • Improve behavioral factors by retaining site users through efficient linking
Link profile development
Promotion in search engines, especially in Google, depends on the link profile of the site. For its formation are carried out:
  • Upload data about existing donors (referring web resources).
  • Comparison of data obtained in different ways from different sources, uniqueization of information.
  • Development of a link strategy and preparation of TOR for its implementation
The result will be:
  • Creating an anchor list based on link placement
  • Formation of a monthly plan for placing crowd links, as well as link mass on high-quality paid sites
  • Placing quality links on external sites with progress reports
Regular monthly work
Search engine optimization and promotion is a long-term set of actions that requires constant intervention of varying intensity. Monthly site tasks may include:
  • Perform additional audits
  • Checking critical errors and their timely elimination during optimization
  • Performing link building analysis
  • Analysis of positions taken and current traffic of a web resource
  • Checking the implementation of the accepted terms of reference by the relevant specialists
The result of these processes is:
  • Increasing the visibility of the site by search engines and users
  • Growth in targeted traffic
  • Increasing the positions of a web resource
  • Permanent control over the state of the site and its promotion in search engines
Only a comprehensive promotion can give the desired result. Ignoring one of the points can reduce the effectiveness of the work being done or make the result zero.


Full audit of the niche, competitors
Semantic core for the project
Building the site structure
Content plan for writing texts
Audit of internal site errors
Building a link profile placement strategy
Monthly progress report
Slice of positions
Writing texts for main pages
Placement of texts on the page
Placement of meta tags on site pages
Placement of the minimum number of links on the sites (depends on the price of the link and the region)
Writing texts for all pages of the site
Placement of the maximum number of links that the budget allows
Estimated budget:
from $500
Estimated budget:
from $700
Estimated budget:
from $900

What affects the cost of promotion?

How much does Google SEO-promotion of the site cost will be reported by the manager after a preliminary assessment of the current state of affairs.
  • Promoted Web Resource Type
  • Site Size
  • Number of promoted pages
  • Competitiveness in the selected niche
  • Number of regions in which promotion is carried out
  • Site state at the start of SEO promotion
  • The number of errors found during the audit, as well as the difficulty of fixing them
  • Availability and quality of existing link profile
  • Promotion history and SEO experience

Project team

(Voices wishes, receives a detailed work plan for the site,
reports at each stage, growth of positions and traffic
(Conducts communication with the client, clarifies his needs,
provides full reports on the work done)
Head of SEO
Builds a project promotion strategy, distributes tasks between the team, controls the quality and timing of work
SEO specialists
Working on a project to identify errors, build a strategy and implement promotion algorithms
Content Marketer
Prescribes a clear TOR for writing texts for the project, gives tasks according to the texts, checks the timeliness and quality of the optimized text
Write texts according to the plan for the site
Implements technical recommendations of seo-specialists
Web analytics
Controls site analytics metrics, provides growth reports
Forms a plan for placing links for the project, places links on proven high-quality sites

Fill out the form and receive an individual commercial offer specifically for your site

Our SEO specialists will study your site and prepare a commercial offer with the main points of growth

Why you should order from us

To order website promotion from us is to get a comprehensive professional approach to the implementation of each stage. Turning to us for SEO promotion services, you get the following benefits:
Saving time and money
All work within the framework of the site promotion service is aimed at making the user's stay on its pages more useful and profitable. The quality of posted information improves, technical errors are eliminated, usability increases, which has a positive effect on behavioral factors and conversion. This way you invest your money rationally and get more ROI.
Income growth
You should also order website optimization at the Akademiya SEO because your success is important to us. We are always looking for the most effective options for the development of the project, the implementation of which will entail not only an increase in position and attendance, but also conversions. SEO has a cumulative effect, which means that the sooner we start promotion, the faster you will get a systematic increase in the number of orders.
Team of specialists
Website promotion in Google services are long-term and continuous work that requires maximum involvement and good knowledge in the field of SEO and marketing. The main advantage of cooperation with us is the professional experience of our employees. They have been promoting websites in various topics and are ready to apply the skills gained over the years on your project.

How the process of work on the site works

Search promotion of the site by the specialists of our company includes the following steps:
Online negotiations with the client to determine needs
Preparation of a commercial proposal for the provision of website promotion services
Coordination of all stages of work on the project
Making a payment
Development of a full monthly work plan and its coordination with clients
Implementation of the agreed list of tasks
Providing a monthly report on the work done and the results obtained
You can order SEO-promotion of a site of any direction, for any region or the whole country.

FAQ answers

1.To place an order, you can contact us at the specified contacts or using the feedback form. The manager will contact you and provide answers to all questions.
2.SEO promotion is important primarily for business owners selling goods or services. However, this format is also suitable for owners of information portals, media and other sites.
3.Search promotion will become an effective tool for promoting service sites, online stores, catalogs, blogs, information portals. Each case has its own peculiarities, which we will inform you about during the preliminary discussion.
4.Our specialists are ready to perform work on website promotion using all popular CMS and platforms: MODx, Opencart, Bitrix, Wordpress, Joomla, CS Cart and others.
5.Approximate terms can be said only after a comprehensive analysis of the current state of the site. The first results can be seen in a few weeks, but don't expect big changes in the first month, especially with a new project. SEO doesn’t work like that – it’s a long process, improvement will come gradually.
6.Guarantees in SEO promotion are just an advertising ploy designed to draw attention to the company. We do everything necessary to bring your site to the TOP, but we cannot guarantee a quick result. Also, many external factors can affect the result of the work.
7.It is almost impossible to speed up the promotion process, especially when promoting a new site with a minimum age. More precisely, certain black SEO methods exist to speed up the results, but their use can lead to getting into a kind of ban, after which the site will completely disappear from the search results or will be in very low positions, where the likelihood of viewing it is minimal. We do not use black promotion methods because we value our reputation and do not want to harm your site.
8.We provide a detailed report on each step taken, which indicates what, when and why it was done, what result it has brought to the current moment. If necessary, we are ready to provide additional explanations for each of the points.
9.Even if your project is now in the TOP of search results, this does not mean at all that you do not need to promote it further. Without regular work on promotion, leading positions can be lost. It is important to constantly maintain the result, expand the list of requests for which the site gets into the TOP. This leads to an increase in natural traffic, an increase in profitability and other positive results.
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