What is the AGS algorithm

AGS - this filter search engine Yandex, which excludes from extradition low quality sites or lowers them position.

The abbreviation AGS is deciphered as a “automatic machine grenade launcher” - a term related to the military industry. But there is an unofficial decoding, which, despite a less serious approach, still accurately conveys the value of the filter - Anti-G * * * o-Site.

For which the Jandex AGS filter is applied

To understand what the AGS filter means, you should understand why it can be obtained.

The main reasons for the site to get under the AGS filter:

что такое агс фильтр от яндекса картинка

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AGS Filter Development

The filter was created in 2009. Its original version is AGS-17 - blocked any sites that were caught in black SEO-spreading methods.

In the same year, the filter was reconfigured: it was based on specific criteria for assessing uselessness from the point of view of users. This version is called AGS-30. The main reasons for obtaining sanctions were non-unique content and a large number of links on third-party resources.

In 2013, a version appeared AGS-40, when creating which not only the quantity was taken into account, but also the quality of the links was evaluated. The changes also affected the sanctions themselves: now the sites have ceased to block, but the violating resources have been reduced TIC, because of which they sharply lost their position in the search issue.

The current algorithm is called AGS-2015, which was supplemented by new verification criteria and began to affect not the canceled TIC, but the indicator ICS.

The consequences of the site getting under the AGS filter

Sanctions Yandex for resource doubtfulness lead to loss of position in searchable output. Part of the pages can be completely removed from index. This is especially true for new site pages with a spoiled reputation. All this inevitably leads to loss traffic and investment in promotion.

Ways to remove a site from under the AGS filter

The sanctions received due to the AGS filter indicate that this is not the result of a newcomer's accidental erroroptimizer, and the deliberate use of illegal means of promotion. To remove the site from the list of unreliable, you must eliminate all violations of the rules search engine optimization, approved by Yandex.

Actions to lift sanctions for getting under the AGS filter:

Removing sanctions can take up to several months.. It requires a thorough approach and, possibly, the involvement of third-party professionals specializing in creating content, the formation of high-quality reference profile etc. If domain acquired recently and it has no exceptional value for the company, it is worth considering the option creating a new site using a new domain name with a "pure" story.