Who is the search engine accessor

Assessor ("asessor"translated from Latin" evaluator ") is a person, employee search engine, which manually evaluates quality search engine according to the specified criteria. Its main task is to train the neural network to independently analyze information and improve the quality of search results. 

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What the assessors do

Search engines regularly update and improve their algorithms, but for any changes they need certain data. The collection of this data is precisely what the assessors are engaged in. They study entered by users requests, analyze the issuance and sites in the search results. Then they draw conclusions about, relevant whether the web resource presented and whether the search engine can be improved in any way. All this information is transmitted to the training center.

пример что делает асессор

Here are some examples of what the assessors of search engines do.

1. Extradition Analysis

Suppose a search engine shows:

  1. page of the online store with mountain bikes;
  2. an article on how to choose a bike;
  3. mountain bike repair company.

The accessor determines the intention of the user and evaluates how correctly the extradition is drawn up. He points out that the first site is best suited for this request, and the second and third do not correspond.

2. Assessment of the quality and relevance of sites

The accessor opens the site and checks how high-quality and useful it is located content. Does the information match principles E-A-T, that is, whether it is expert, reliable and authoritative.

Data obtained by the asessor of search engines, significantly affect site position in issuing. If he discovers that the web resource does not meet the requirements, his rating will drop. And the presence of a large number of violations can lead to a complete exclusion from index.

How to become an assessor

This is a sought after and well-paid profession. But search engines have special requirements for its applicants:

  • Excellent computer ownership;
  • Confident knowledge of English;
  • High erudition and literacy;
  • Carefulness and perseverance.

Yandex recruits employees for this position on the Yandex.Toloka platform. There you can find tasks of varying complexity, and there is an opportunity for beginners to learn the profession.

как стать асессором тестировщиком яндекса

For Google several companies are involved in the selection of specialists. Patch ads can be searched at Lionbridge, Appen, or Linkedin.