What does the authority of the site mean

Authority is a generalized indicator that determines the quality of the site and the degree of trust of search engines in it. It is composed of many factors, and significantly affects ranking in the results extradition. Can be formed as in relation to web resource in general, and to its individual pages.

The term “authority” is considered synonymous with “trust"and" rating.

Что такое рейтинг домена картинка

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What determines the degree of authority of the site

One can meet the opinion that authority is a completely invented parameter. But these rumors have no basis. It actually exists, but difficult to calculate due to many components.

Search engines the algorithms for evaluating sites and ranking them do not particularly advertise. But, as studies have shown, in order to achieve their trust and earn a high rating, it is necessary to monitor such parameters:

  • Amount mass. Incoming and outgoing links must be presented in optimal quantity and have good quality. Too low volume reference profile or its unnatural growth will not increase the credibility of the web resource. The same can be said about donor sites with a bad reputation.
  • Content quality. Each of the pages must meet the expectations of users. That is, match requests, be useful, informative, unique and expert.
  • Internal optimization. Trust in search engines can increase refinement of technical indicators, improve usability, as well as optimization for requests of all elements: images, headers, metatecs etc.
  • Behavioral factors. If users visit the site from different traffic sources, spend a lot of time on it, return repeatedly, and the total number of visitors is constantly growing, this increases its credibility and visibility in search engines.
  • Site domain. Read domain name and zone, age, as well as reliability, that is, openness of information about the owner, registration deadlines, etc.

It turns out that credibility can only be increased by conducting an integrated SEO-provements.

How to find out the rating of your site

There is no service that would accurately evaluate all factors affecting the credibility of the site in search engines. But some tools, analyzing certain data, can give you a general idea:

  • Yandex Webmaster - ISS indicator;

    расчет индекса качества сайта в вебмастере
  • Ahrefs - Website "Authority" Checker;

    показатель авторитетности веб-ресурса в Ahrefs
  • Serpstat - Domain Rank;

    уровень авторитета сайта по данным Serpstat картинка
  • MOZ - Domain SEO Analysis Tool.

    анализ Domain SEO Analysis Tool в MOZ

We talked about them in the article “Overview of Trust Inspection Services.