What does the term "ban" mean

Ban (from English. "ban»-" ban ") - this is a lock object (site, pages) or subject (user, chat participant), which is a punishment for violating any rule. With it search engine, owner or moderator Internet sites exercise control within the framework of the standards established by them. For example, the owner or administrator of a community social networks can block (which means “ban”) the user for incorrect behavior, after which he will lose the ability to leave messages and comments in this community and its chat rooms.

By exposure time, the lock is divided into two types:

  • temporary is a warning, it is valid for a certain period and is removed automatically after its completion;
  • constant, or eternal, acts indefinitely and usually automatically starts in case of serious violation of the rules of the Internet project.

что такой бан сайта картинка

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For what search engines ban

To owners and optimizers web resources you need to understand what a ban of search engines is and for what actions (inaction) a web resource can be blocked. In this case, the site stops index and is removed from the bases of a particular search engine.

The developers of each individual search space prescribe their own rules, but they are not very different from each other. Ban from search engines can be obtained for:

How to check the site on the ban from search engines

Verification site for a ban produced separately for each search engine, because it can be blocked by one of them, while indexing into another. To do this, enter the search bar request site: address. If the site is indexed, in extradition will appear links on his pages.

что значит бан поисковых систем

Also check indexation and availability sanctions in Google and Yandex can be in the panels for webmasters: Google search console and Yandex Webmaster respectively.

за банят поисковые системы

Special services allow you to find out if the site is locked, as well as get additional information to correct the situation.

To remove the site from the ban, you need to fix all the problems that caused the lock and send a request to the technical support of the search engine. It usually takes a long time, in some cases it is more advisable to launch a new site instead of a blocked.