Actions of web resource visitors that the search engine takes into account when calculating its rating for participation in search results.

The main behavioral factors are viewing depth, failure rate, time spent on the site, number of transitions between pages, return of the visitor some time after his departure, etc.

Previously, the most important factors affecting ranking search engine, the volume and quality of the external reference mass. But in our time, the improvement of behavioral factors is no less significant, and possibly even the most important elements SEO optimization.

If in the case of increasing the reference mass, it was enough to turn to services link exchanges with quality donor sites, then to form positive behavioral factors, a rather voluminous set of measures has to be carried out:

  • filling the web resource pages with high-quality and, most importantly, useful content for potential visitors;
  • improving design, structure, navigation and usability website in general;
  • ensuring uninterrupted operation and quick loading of the site, etc.