Favicon for the site: what is it

The term "Favicon"crafted from the words of the English language:" favorite ", which means" favorite "or" chosen one, and "icon" - "sign. Literally, this combination can be translated as “a badge for the chosen one”. In simple words, what does this mean in SEO terminology, then favicon is a small picture near the site address, a kind of "identification mark. 

It has a miniature size (16x16 pixels), and a recognizable original design.

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Where the favicon is displayed and why is it needed

The Favicon is also called the “site icon” or “favicon”. It is displayed in:

Such an icon:

What should be the favicon

Initially, images in .ico format, measuring 16x16 px, were used as a favicon. But now many CMS systems support other formats: .png, .jpeg, .svg. Size can reach up to 250x250 px. The main thing is that the drawing does not lose its clarity when reduced. 

In this case, the icon must:

  • be original and associated with your company;
  • match subject and site design;
  • be simple and understandable;
  • have a square shape.

It can be invented independently, ordered to be developed by designers, or downloaded from a specialized bank (as an example, from the Flecaton gallery).

где подобрать картинку для Favicon

Then download to root directory resource. In the article "Installing the favicon on the site»You will learn how to add the icon so that it is displayed in the search results and browser.