Meaning of the term “hidden text” in SEO

Hidden is called text invisible to users on the site, which at the same time available for indexing by search robots. The method involves the publication of a value to visitors text content, but containing a large number of different variations keywords

Hidden text is used in SEO to increase relevance pages requests users and site rating manipulation in search results. This promotion tool belongs to "black" SEO techniques and may entail search engine sanctions in form ban or page pessimization.

пример как найти скрытый текст на сайте через код

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Ways to make content invisible

The most common ways to hide text on a page

  • use the background color as the font color;
  • reduce the font size to the minimum (up to zero);
  • overlay content graphic objects;
  • by CSS, move content beyond visibility;
  • close anchor in the form of an inconspicuous sign (for example, “-”) a link, if you need to hide it.

пример что такое невидимый текст на сайте

Is it worth using hidden text for SEO promotion

Search engines these days can quickly find hidden text on the site, and the threatening punishment can negate all attempts to raise the page in the search issue. All this makes this SEO-promotion method ineffective and unpopular. Therefore, we recommend that you do only high-quality and useful content, in which will be keywords are organically inscribed in optimal occurrence density.

In this case, some elements are acceptable to hide: online chat rooms, pop-up prompts that drop out the menu. It improves usability. This method is difficult to call a means of deception, therefore search engines do not punish him.