Issued search engine list links on web resources, which are the most relevant entered into the search bar on request. Formed using special algorithms based on an assessment of those present in index search engine sites.

The Russian-language Internet environment also uses the “serp” jargonism, which comes from English. term SERP (Search Engine Results Page) - "page search results.

In addition to links, additional information is also present in the issue, which allows users of the search engine to decide on the advisability of moving on them:

- the title of the page to which the link leads;

- short description of the page (snippets);

- in the case of an extended snippet, the following can be displayed: publication date, video or image, rating, label on the map, contacts, etc.

Blocks may also be present in extradition thematic contextual advertising.

Main goal optimizers is the removal of the customer’s website by one / several of the first three (TOP 3) or at least ten (TOP 10) positions on specific requests.