What does site navigation mean

Site navigation is a system by which the user can move between pages resource and find the information he needs. She must be simple, affordable and intuitive. Otherwise, users will leave the site without having done the necessary target action

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Types of navigation

The following types of navigation are highlighted.:

  • Basic - links on important site sections, usually placed on the menu.
  • Language - a language version switch, relevant for multinational resources.
  • Thematic - skipping with pages similar topics, can be presented in the form of blocks “Like goods”, “You may be interested”, etc.
  • Global - end-to-end links, that are present on all pages.
  • Search - This is a search string that allows the user to quickly find the necessary information.
  • Indication - shows where the user is at the moment. Most often implemented in the form of "breadcrumbs.
  • Text - posted in the context of the page and looks like anchor (text) link, highlighted in color and / or underline.
  • Advertising - clickable advertising objects, for example, banners.

пример элементов навигации по сайту

The main elements of site navigation

  • Menu (horizontal, vertical, in the form of a "burger")
  • Links to hat;
  • Links to futter;
  • Search string;
  • "Bread crumbs;
  • Context links (text);
  • Pagination;
  • Site map;
  • Blocks of recommended pages (“Like Articles”, “They buy with this product”).

The impact of navigation on SEO

Convenient and understandable to users and robots of search engines, the navigation architecture of the site is very important for SEO-provements. The main advantages of its development and use are:

This is a necessary component of quality web resource. It simplifies the lives of visitors and helps the resource owner get additional benefits.