What does the term non-filt filter mean

Nepot is filter search engine Yandex, applicable to sites, which maliciously cut off by selling links or do not moderate their placement by users. As a result of its overlay, it decreases or completely resettle link weight, that makes the resource not effective in quality donor. In this case, they can sit down position and acceptor site by reducing reference mass

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Reasons for getting under a non-filt filter

Placing natural and high-quality links to sites of the same or adjacent topics, You can not be afraid to fall under the influence of this filter. In other words, we are not talking about the fight against any methods linkbilding. "Receiver" of a n-filter can become:

  • placing outgoing links in large quantities;
  • without checking the quality of work and the subject of the acceptor site;
  • not working on the published content;
  • ignoring other ways SEO site promotion.

что такое непот фильтр в яндексе

How to get the site out of trouble

At the moment filter version 2.0 valid, which allows search robots Yandex use various criteria for assessing the quality of links (quantity, appearance, location, subject, etc.) and, if necessary, “discount” them. 

Algorithms getting in and getting out of the n-flit filter fully automated. This means that for removal sanctions it is necessary to get rid of all violations, that is, dubious outgoing links.

If you are selling links, stick to these rules:

  • work only with quality recipients similar topics;
  • place backlinks evenly on the content part of the page;
  • create unique and user-friendly content;
  • highlight links a color different from the main text;
  • do not make more 3 links to the resource within one page.

Best of all do not bring your resource to hit by a non-filt filter, and initially control the published content and quality of the acceptor sites.