What is the relevance of the site

The relevance in SEO - this is a match content site pages search query, that is user goals and needs. The main indicator of compliance is the thematic component. But this is not the only indicator that determines what a result relevant to the request is.

пример релевантной поисковой выдачи

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The meaning of the concept of "relevance" for search engines

The more convenient and useful the search space for the user, the more often he turns to him for help and the more benefits for the system itself. And since the main function search engines - the most accurate selection of information relevant requests and the interests of users, relevance is the main criterion for choice in formation search engine.

The relevance of searchable output is the factor that determines how well the search engine works, ranking pages sites according to their compliance with the issue and interests of the user.

Ways to determine relevance

  1. Software method - special search algorithms determine which of the pages that respond to the request contains the most complete and accurate information;
  2. Manual - assessment is made asshock - a specialist who studies himself text content and analyzes how well he answers the question;
  3. Custom or behavioral - the degree of relevance of the content is determined by users of the search engine by their actions: by choosing a page in the issue, time for study, by further actions on the site.

что такое релевантность сайта запросу картинка

What affects the assessment of content compliance with request

To answer the question, what is a relevant site, list the most important indicators affecting the formation of extradition:

These are far from all parameters, influencing the search engine solution about which page is most relevant to a specific request. Each search engine has its own website ranking algorithm, which is not disclosed, but in general terms these algorithms are similar and understandable.

To have the best chance of high position in search engine output, it is recommended to pay maximum attention to its filling. When creating content, first of all, attention should be paid to the benefits and interests target audience. Quality is also essential internal and external SEO optimization

We described effective ways to increase the relevance of the pages of the site in a separate article.