The sanctions of search engines are restrictive actions in relation to the website or its individual pages, applied “as a punishment” for violating the promotion rules recommended by them. This is done to clear search results from low-quality web resources with spam, non-unique content, artificially breaking through in TOPs by using methods "black SEO

The detection of violations and the subsequent application of sanctions in most cases is carried out automatically using special algorithms (filters). But also under sanctions can be pleased as a result of a manual verification of the web resource asshock.

Anyone who does not disdain the use of fraudulent types of website promotion risks being treated under a number of PS sanctions, the most “unpleasant” of which are pessimization, involving underestimation of the site’s position or individual pages, and the so-called “ban", which results in the exclusion of the web resource from index search engine (in some cases forever).

U Yandex filters are responsible for their overlay AGC, You are spamny" and "You are the last. U Google - Panda and Penguin

As a result of the sanctioned search engines, it is necessary to carry out a number of corrective actions in order to get out of them and restore position punishable" web resource. In some cases, it is quite difficult, or even impossible.