SEO: word meaning

The term SEO - This is a reduction from the English "Search Engine Optimization. Literally - “search optimization.

Search engine optimization, or SEO: what is it and how it works

SEO-provement, or search engine optimization, is called set of measures aimed at improving site positions in search engine in order to attract target audience. This is the most effective tool for increasing Internet traffic, which allows you to make a business more successful with or without minimal financial investment.

SEO optimization is critical to the development of the Internet project. Unlike contextual advertising, aimed at solving the same problem - attraction traffic and increase site profitability, the main goal of SEO is not to sell, but to prove the usefulness of the offer in the first place search engines. The latter, based on various parameters, evaluate the web resource and either raise it in TOP searchout, either omit relatively competitors.

что такое поисковое продвижение картинка

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SEO operating principle

The unit of search engine optimization is request user. Search bots found on the site keywords and with the help of various algorithms evaluate content and site usefulness by degree relevance on request.

When issuing, other numerous parameters of the site are taken into account. With their help, search engines give an assessment web resources one topic. Based on all these ratings, places are distributed between sites and places are allocated in response to a user request.

It is the search engine, forming extradition, that affects the growth of traffic and the effectiveness of the business. And he does this not at the expense of financial investments, as in the case of advertising, but as an incentive for a high degree of usefulness for users. Thus, about the CEO-provement, we can say that this is an “honest” weapon of competition, when success does not depend on the budget of the campaign, but on the quality of the project itself and the proposal.

The main stages of work on the SEO-provement

Website optimization consists of a number of stages, The main of which are:

  • Competitor Analysis - allows you to understand with what tools work with the target audience is carried out, and to find interesting chips for promoting your own site.
  • Collection semantic core - a selection of requests for which potential customers can search for you on search engines and for which SEO-movement will be conducted.
  • Internal optimization - allows the site to work without failures and delays.
  • Content content - information that determines the degree of usefulness of the resource for users;
  • External optimization - paid and free methods of promoting the site by posting links to external sources;
  • Social signals - creating a positive reaction of users in social networks to the information presented on the site.
  • Behavioral factors - show the quality and convenience of the site from the point of view of the user.

Regular work on each stage allows you to think over an effective SEO-provement strategy. Timely control over changes in indicators helps to quickly make adjustments and exclude “dissues” of positions.

этапы работы над SEO-продвижением картинка

Species of SEO-movement and their value

The types of search engines are determined by the methods of its implementation and the peculiarity of the influence on the operation of robots of search engines. Highlight “white”, “gray” and “black” SEO.

"White" SEO implies the use of promotion methods permitted by search engines. This is a legal and encouraged by the developers of the PS type of SEO movement. A list of permitted tools and rules for their use can be found on the official pages of PS handbooks (for example, Yandex Help and Google Search Console Help).

Gray SEO means that some SEO-spreading tools do not apply to officially prohibited ones, but at the same time they bypass any search engine rules and by “screws»affect the result. Using this type of promotion sometimes leads to blocking individual pages or the entire site.

At "black" SEO searchable promotion tools that are equivalent to fraud are used. Having discovered these methods, search engines will add it to “blacklist”and exclude from search issuance, which in most cases cannot be corrected.