What are search results in a search engine

Search result, or SERP (from English search engine results page) is a web page search engine, on which is located structured list links to sites. They are placed in descending order relevance content on request user. The formation of these lists is in accordance with applicable ranking algorithms specific search engine.

пример что такое результаты поиска

In response to a user's request, the system forms a page called searchout. The more popular the query used key phrase and the higher the competition in the business niche, the more pages will be presented as a result of the search.

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Filling Search Results Pages

The pages of each search engine have their own fixed block layout, but basically they differ in only insignificant details.

  1. Contextual advertising: ads and media banners. The composition of the blocks depends on the purchase of places (clicks) in a specific advertising platform.
    реклама в результатах поиска картинка
  2. Organic Extradition - located depending on relevance snippets sites. In different search engines, links are built individually in accordance with their ranking algorithms.
    пример органической выдачи в google
  3. Special Forces Blocks - help to the user. The most useful and visual from the point of view of the system data are placed here: maps, images, videos, main news, a knowledge block, similar requests and others.
    блок похожих запросов в результатах поиска

The appearance of the page depends not only on the search engine, but also on the type of device used by the user.

What determines the search result

The information that we see in response to the request is different not only because of the features of the search space. The main difference is the difference between website ranking algorithms, used by a specific system. 

Mostly requirements for web resources (technical status, content etc.) coincide. But the evaluation system of each parameter taken into account for each search engine has its own.

Site ranking depends on:

This is part of the parameters on which the result of the issue the user sees depends. In general, he depends on quality SEO optimization, which shows how worthy the site is, useful and secure.

What affects search results

The effect is exerted not only by the quality of the optimizer, but also level of competition in subject, as well user characteristics:

  • history of interaction with the search engine;
  • geolocation and language;
  • individual settings.

The ability of a search engine to adapt to a user is called personalization of extradition.