Abbreviation English phrase “Search engine optimization”, translated as “search optimization engine.

The options “SEO-optimization”, “search optimization”, “area optimization” are also popular.SEO.

SEO is a set of actions for web resource optimization for promotion in search engines by taking into account the many factors that affect ranking search issuance.

Purpose search engine optimization is to bring the state of the site to a level at which it can get into TOPs search engines on required key requests, that will help attract targeted visitors and provide it monetization.

It is customary to conditionally divide SEO optimization into inner (collection semantics, creating optimized content, skipping, work with usability etc.) and external, aimed at formation reference profile in form backlinks with other resources that are perceived by search engines as advisory and lead to increased credibility of the promoted site.

Website promotion using the SEO process is somewhat lengthy (minimum 3 - 6 months), but given the significant cost savings, the efficiency and long-term preservation of the results achieved, it is more preferable than promotion using contextual advertising.