What does the word "snippet" mean

B SEO the term came from English. In translation, snippet means “fragment”, “excerpt”. 

Sneak the site is small in size, but capacious in content a description of the page that search engine shows in extradition in response to request user. The main function is to inform about the content relevant request pages and help you make your choice links for the transition.

как выглядит сниппет в поисковой системе

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Snippet is a separate text block in search results, presenting a link to the page website

Compound elements of the snippet

Mandatory items:

  • title, highlighted in color and size (upper line or second after link);
  • description site page content with selected keywords from the request (under the heading);
  • favicon - site icon or company logo (left of title, in Google displayed only in mobile output);
  • link to the site or navigation chain (over or under the heading).

пример что такое сниппет поисковой выдачи

Additional items:

  • quick links to popular sections of the site that are formed by the search engine (between the header and link to the site or a separate block at the bottom of the snippet);
    ссылки на популярные странице в результатах поиска
  • customized with micro-label* data: FAQ block, price and availability of goods, company address, rating and number of reviews;
    пример расширенного сниппета в выдаче Google
  • insignia in Yandex: rating in Yandex Market, navigation response, popular site, turbo page.
    знак с рейтингом сайта в выдаче яндекса картинка

* Important: micro-labeling (semantic markup) does not guarantee the formation of an expanded ubulet, but significantly increases the chances of this. It is believed that such additional elements are more beneficial for the site due to improvement behavioral factors and growth clickability indicator (CTR). 

Formation procedure

Search engines use various snippet formation algorithms. It is impossible to directly influence this process. But understanding how information is added to the issue, you can take into account all the nuances and help search engine robots make the snippets more useful, expanded and attractive to users. In this case, the interests of website optimizers and search engine space developers coincide.

Information for the snippet is taken from meta tags Title (for the title) and Description (for the descriptive block). If the data is insufficient or they do not fully reflect the essence of the request, search engine can use content text from the site page. Additional information can also be downloaded from search engine support services, for example Directory Yandex and layout.

To get extended snippet and making it more attractive is usually necessary: