B internet marketing This is a group of users who may be interested in acquiring advertised goods (services).

If we are talking about the target audience of the website, then this is a combination of its potential visitors - those who may be interested in subject published content or the scope of the resource (sales, service delivery, file hosting etc.).

Central Asia can be both general (on a specific topic) and formed according to individual parameters of compliance (age, social status, gender, interests, education, etc.).

The portrait of a representative of the target audience of the web resource must be compiled at the initial stages of its development and optimization for promotion. Orientation to a specific CA affects the development of design, structure, elements navigation site, selection requests for semantic core and, of course, the content of the published content.

Prior proper allocation of CA is one of the factors that should be taken into account when building a strategy SEO-provements site.

During the analysis of the effectiveness of the ongoing promotion campaign, the indicators obtained are analyzed conversion and their dependence on the amount attracted traffic, in particular representatives of the target audience.