Fucked in slang webmasters and optimizers jargonism, descended from the verbatim pronunciation of English. the words "title" (title, title).

Title - one of meta tags HTML- The document containing its title. This is the only meta tag that, in addition to search engines, is also visible to users (in search results and then, after opening - in the name of the tab to browser).

The initial opinion depends on the correct completion of the title search engine robot about the indexed page. It is its contents that are primarily analyzed in assessing the degree relevance web pages search query.

Optimizers provide the following recommendations regarding the contents of title:

  • length - 50-60 cm. with spaces (so that the title can be fully displayed in the search extradition);
  • contain the main key request at the beginning;
  • match the contents of the page to search bots could define her topics, and users decide to switch to it when reading the title in the search results;
  • the title should not be repeated within the site (to be unique);
  • it is advisable to refrain from using stop words in the title.

On web resource position in searchable output, the title can only be affected indirectly. Compliance with the title to the semantic content of the page affects its relevance to queries, which is taken into account when ranking. And of course, behavioral factors in this case will improve significantly. In particular, failure rate will be less.