Traffic (from English. «traffic» - «movement, transport») - this is an indicator site traffic for a certain period of time: day, week, month, etc. 

The higher the attendance rate, the more successful the Internet project. The parameter characterizes efficiency SEO-provements and means internet marketing. Analyzing it, you can identify weaknesses in optimization, check if everything traffic sources involved which of them bring more benefit, and which require refinement, etc.


Types of traffic on the site

  • Incoming traffic name the set of user visits from various sources: search engine, contextual advertising, social networks, partner sites, by direct transitions. Its buildup is one of the main goals of the SEO movement. 
  • Outgoing - this is the transition of visitors web resource on external, outgoing links. It is one way to make money on the Internet.

в чем измеряется трафик сайта картинка

There are two types of Internet project attendance, taken into account in the analysis of promotion effectiveness.

  1. Target traffic - This is a web resource attendance rate target users. Target users are those visitors who are interested in the offer, published information, sold products, the brand. Interest is determined by execution targeted actions: learning content, page view depth, transition by internal links, filling out the form, etc.
  2. Transition of “random” users who are not related to target audience Internet project, called non-target. Such visits end in the very first seconds with the page closed. 
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What measures site traffic

The unit of measure is quantity unique users, who visited the web resource during the time control.

How to find out site traffic

Information is provided by special counters, eg Yandex Metric and Google analytics. Here you can also clarify additional parameters, for example, find out about the sources of transitions and behavioral factors users. These data allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of SEO-optimization, make the necessary adjustments to the work on promotion, and predict future development.

пример что такое трафик сайта в месяц