Slang term derived from pronunciation English. the words "trust»(trust).

Trust is the search engine trust level of the website. Is one of the main factors affecting site positions when ranking. In other words, this is the reputation of the site "in the eyes" of the search engine.

It is established that the site’s trust depends on:

- web resource age and him domain;

- characteristics hosting (quality of services, application, download speed);

- “track record” (whether it was convicted of using dishonest methods of promotion, especially: copy, dorvei, purchased links, clowaking);

- behavioral factors;

- registration in "white" catalogs sites;

- refresh rates of the existing content and replenishment of pages with new;

- the presence in the search engine index of a large number of pages with high quality, unique, relevant search queries content;

- growth stability traffic and having a permanent audience;

- naturalness external reference profile and authority donor sites.

Get to know the indicators of the trust at webmaster not possible because it is internal information Google and Yandex.