What does the term "site usability" mean

Translation of the word "usability"in Russian means" usability. It follows that usability is a criterion that characterizes simplicity, convenience and comfort of interaction with the site by the user. The higher this indicator, the better the functionality, ergonomics and visual component are worked out.

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Usability Assessment Criteria

It is impossible to evaluate usability with any numerical indicators. This is a subjective assessment that depends on how much:

  • easy to interact with the site for the first time, are all the elements navigation understandable;
  • pages are quickly loaded and information is searched;
  • errors and malfunctions often occur;
  • design is pleasant and all elements are correctly displayed;
  • just remember the management on the page after a long break.

This is the main thing that affects usability web resource. The factors that positively affect this indicator include: minimalist “friendly” design, adaptability for different types of devices, crossbrowser, a pleasant combination of colors, readable fonts, availability "breadcrumbs», site search, etc.

пример сайта с хорошим юзабилити картинка

Why is this an important indicator

When the user comes to online page, he does not want to spend a lot of time searching for controls and performing elementary actions.

To understand what an improved site usability is, you should know a few simple basics:

  • Short waiting time - the faster the page is loaded, the more desire the user to familiarize themselves with it.
  • Convenient work in any scenarios - the more clearly the information is presented, and the easier it is to access it, the more likely it is to purchase. If the client did not find the answer to his question, or simply got confused in the management, he would leave.
  • Competent Interface Elements - all stages of interaction with the site should be extremely simple and understandable. Otherwise, the user will need more time to master, which will negatively affect conversion.

From this we can conclude that good usability improves behavioral factors, promotes conversion growth and positions in search engine.

Usability Testing

How to make the site more convenient and find errors on it:

After making any changes to the site, be sure to analyze, how it affected user behavior.