What does SEO site optimization mean

Optimization, or SEO - it is set of actions aimed at improving positions site in extradition search engines. It is one of the most effective means of competition and the quality development of the Internet project.

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Types of site search engine optimization

Depending on compliance with search engine rules optimization may be:

  • "white»- use of officially authorized methods progress;
  • "gray»- the application of methods that are not particularly welcome to the PS, but can be effective;
  • "black»- the use of prohibited promotion methods that lead to sanctions or ban.

Depending on the object of work it is customary to distinguish two types of optimization - external and inner.

что такое оптимизация сайта картинка

What is included in external optimization

This part of the search engine optimization process aims to create reference profile web resource. As a result, several goals are pursued at once:

  • increase in the flow of visitors;
  • diversity traffic;
  • brand promotion;
  • management of company reputation on the Internet (SERM);
  • growth of positions in search engine output.

Effective work with a reference profile implies building quality reference mass. For this purpose linkbilder should regularly:

If we discuss the site on the network, search engines will notice it. Moreover the quality of external links has a more noticeable effect on ranking search pages, than quantity.

What is included in internal optimization

Internal optimization - this is a work on the content of the web resource. Consists of the following steps: