Yandex Metric: what is it

Yandex Metric is a popular free service analyzer collecting information about site visitors: from the transition source to the level of loyalty. This online service is based on counter, fixing any actions of users, the data of which form informative reports. 

Using the information received from Yandex Metrica, the work of the marketer of the Internet project reaches a different level. Instead of assumptions and general theories, it becomes possible to build work with target audience on accurate data on her behavior and characteristics.

что такое счетчик яндекс метрика

Why I need Yandex Metric: features and tasks of the service

Any work on the development of the project cannot be considered effective if it is not based on an analyst on the results of the work done. Not considering the impact on users and their solutions, the actions of a marketer and optimizer can be compared with movements in the dark: no landmarks and guarantees. In such conditions, it is neither possible to predict nor build a favorable policy SEO-provements.

Yandex has another analytical service - Yandex Webmaster. But it is aimed at obtaining and analyzing other data and is used for a different purpose - the study of the technical aspects of the resource and their impact on SEO. Webmaster is a working tool for SEO professionals, Metric helps online marketers influence the opinions and actions of the target audience.

для чего нужна metrika

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What does Yandex Metric show

To understand the features of the service, consider, what can be done using Yandex Metric:

  • evaluate traffic features: what traffic sources lead users which advertising blocks “worked”, which site pages visitors come in initially;
  • see user behavior: time spent on the site, viewing depth, perfect clicks, interested pages, sequence of actions, nature and reasons for failures;
  • find out about visitors: region, age, gender, device, browser;
  • analyze quality content, site convenience and navigation from the point of view of users.

Using the information received, a specialist can draw important conclusions about the effectiveness of the work done on the site, the quality of each resource element and usability generally. Making adjustments and tracking the reaction of the target audience, it is possible to understand its expectations and the nature of behavior as accurately as possible, affecting choice, decisions and implementation targeted actions.

As part of the service, you can not only see numerical data relative to a particular parameter. Developers thought out convenient and very useful reporting system, automatically forming. We wrote about them in the article “10 important reports in Yandex Metric.

какие отчеты есть в счетчике от yandex

Special Tools Yandex Metric

Metric also has additional features., that help webmaster study user behavior in more detail:

The last tool cannot be called unique, it is present, for example, in Google analytics. But the ability to set goals in Yandex Metric is still worth noting separately. Here you can simultaneously use up to 200 different goals, in addition, the developers thought out the simplest and most convenient system for working with them. Goals can be combined using almost all analyzer data, lay a certain sequence of user actions, etc.

дополнительные функции счетчика Метрика

For which projects I need Yandex Metric and why

If your target audience uses Yandex to search for information, we recommend installing a metric. But given the popularity search engine Google, will not be superfluous in addition to using Google Analytics. You can find out about the differences of these services in the article “Why do meter data diverge.

How to install Yandex Metric

To use all the features of the service, you need to create an counter code and add it to your site. In the section of the site Knowledge base you will find detailed instructions for standard connection methods to the service of analytics and installations using Google Tag Manager.