Do you want to be in the TOP-3 Google? Leave a request and get an offer! Do you want to be in the TOP-3 Google? Leave a request and get an offer!

Akademiya SEO team

This is a team of young ambitious people who work not for you, but with you. It was they who brought to life and are implementing the SEO Academy project.
Pavel Shulga Pavel Shulga
Pavel Shulga
Founder of Akademiya SEO
Founder and thought leader of the SEO Academy. Successful entrepreneur, business coach, creator and speaker of courses.
Ekaterina Danyuk Ekaterina Danyuk
Ekaterina Danyuk
Executive Director
Ekaterina monitors the execution of work accurately and on time. Everyone is friendly with her and no one argues.
Ekaterina Razumova (Moskalenko) Ekaterina Razumova (Moskalenko)
Ekaterina Razumova (Moskalenko)
Technical Director
There are no impossible tasks for Katya. She always sets goals and achieves them.
Sergii Bolinchuk Sergii Bolinchuk
Sergii Bolinchuk
All web pages of the Akademiya are created by his hands. Handles even the most complex tasks with ease.
Anna Prokhorenko Anna Prokhorenko
Anna Prokhorenko
Project manager
Works not with objects that earn money, but with people.
Vladimir Andrusik Vladimir Andrusik
Vladimir Andrusik
Head of Sales Department
The epicenter of the sales team, he always finds the right words to help each client make the right choice
Ivan Psyuk Ivan Psyuk
Ivan Psyuk
SEO Specialist, Support Department
Sites should benefit people, and Vanya benefits sites
Alina Opanevich Alina Opanevich
Alina Opanevich
SEO Specialist, Support Department
Can forever look at 3 things: fire, water and how the positions of student sites are growing
Anton Gordienko Anton Gordienko
Anton Gordienko
SEO Specialist, Support Department
SEO is like a dance: someone has to lead. Extremely focused and meticulous in work
Alexander Negara Alexander Negara
Alexander Negara
Youtube Specialist
Sasha sits behind the scenes of all broadcasts. Knows how to make any YouTube channel profitable and interesting
Irina Shumeiko Irina Shumeiko
Irina Shumeiko
Content manager
"Speaker" of the Akademiya :) All the content that you receive is written and carefully checked by Ira
Alena Shevchenko Alena Shevchenko
Alena Shevchenko
Client Relations Manager
Alena will help to solve any request of the client. Can not only listen, but also hear
Alexey Kokhantsev Alexey Kokhantsev
Alexey Kokhantsev
SEO Specialist
Knows the main secret of Google, but does not tell anyone :)
Konstantin Chernetsov Konstantin Chernetsov
Konstantin Chernetsov
Client Relations Manager
For Kostya, communicating with clients is not a job, but a hobby. He will quickly find a solution for any problem.
Bogdan Pelykh Bogdan Pelykh
Bogdan Pelykh
Client Relations Manager
Bogdan is not afraid of difficulties and is ready to help in any situation.
Vasily Khabinets Vasily Khabinets
Vasily Khabinets
Client Relations Manager
Easily finds a common language with clients. Benevolent and overbearing
Bogdan Kaskeyev Bogdan Kaskeyev
Bogdan Kaskeyev
Client Relations Manager
Calmness and purposefulness are the main qualities of Bogdan
Maria Khabinets Maria Khabinets
Maria Khabinets
SEO Specialist, Support Department
Likes tasks with asterisks. Turns complex things into simple solutions
Ekaterina Milyutkina Ekaterina Milyutkina
Ekaterina Milyutkina
SMM specialist
Creative, resourceful and friendly. Manages to manage 10 accounts at the same time
Vasily Moshik Vasily Moshik
Vasily Moshik
SEO Specialist
Knows how to make every website owner's dream come true - turn visitors into customers