Do you want to be in the TOP-3 Google? Leave a request and get an offer! Do you want to be in the TOP-3 Google? Leave a request and get an offer!

Do you want TOP-3 Google?

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Who are SEO courses for?

Training programs and courses on site optimization are designed for:

  • beginners who want to master a new prestigious profession;
  • experienced professionals who want to deepen their knowledge and improve their skills;
  • business owners who will be able to control the work of the employee responsible for SEO site optimization and speak the same language with him.
  • entrepreneurs who themselves want to learn how to promote their company on the Internet.

You can work independently or in a team, be the owner of a company promoted, — knowledge gained in search engine optimization courses will bring the desired result.

What are CEO courses and when is it time to start?

You need to go through training if you:

  • plan to bring the site to the TOP and make a profit;
  • tired of merging the budget into contextual advertising;
  • disappointed with the work of optimizers, which is too expensive and does not bring results;
  • want to understand what you pay specialists for;
  • going to master a new profession and earn money on optimizing and promoting sites.

SEO training from scratch — is a great offer for those who have their own business, a hobby, family and friends. Even with the most dense graphics, such training formats as:

  • SEO intensively or webinar – 1-3 days — and you have a complete understanding of the promotion strategy, you know cool chips;
  • full SEO courses online – maximum useful information that will encourage you to work on your site and reinforce your knowledge in practice.

How was the program built at SEA courses? To improve the site, you need:

  • collect the semantic core – requests for which customers will find your product or service;
  • correct technical errors, prescribe meta-tags;
  • write expert and useful texts on commercial pages and on a blog;
  • increase the reference mass, as well as perform other actions that we will talk about during SEO promotion training.

Use our knowledge to get a lasting effect! Even if one day you stop optimizing, she will continue to work for you — search engine algorithms change slowly. And if you engage in promotion regularly, the lids will not stop coming.

What are the useful courses for CEOs?

Practice has shown: if you take courses, engage in SEO promotion of your site and receive orders from the organic issuance of search engines, you can save on other ways to attract customers. For example, reduce the cost of contextual advertising or completely abandon it. Can you imagine how much budget you will stop merging?

Contextual advertising — is a banner and video focused on the contents of the page you are viewing: ads in search, on YouTube, thematic sites. The cost of the click depends on the season, themes, competition in the niche and other factors. It is believed that the result of a fast — ad pops up over organic output. But you need to understand that impulsive users respond to it. Those who carefully weigh all « for » and « against » are looking for the best offer, respond to the issuance in the search engine.

Sites included in the TOP are opened first. If the user likes your offer, he will place an order, and not click on the « button to no longer show this ad ».

Specialists of the SEA Academy have developed a special checklist to verify the effectiveness of the SEO strategy, as well as a free audit of your site. Use them to see errors. Don't know how to fix them? Come to SEO promotion courses – we will help implement recommendations and improve the site’s position on Google.

How to promote your site to the TOP 3 of Google on your own. step by step algorithm. Only proven methods.

Get a ready service website

- ready site on reliable cms Modx with unlimited possibilities

Akademiya SEO in Numbers

Successfully apply our
tips and tricks
our students
They made the necessary changes
to their sites themselves
user growth
Average increase in users
to the site after the implementation
of our checklist
0% in TOP 20
9% in TOP 10
30% in TOP 5
61% in TOP 3
every month
Maximum savings while improving SEO
and avoiding contextual advertising
looked for excuses and made
excuses to business owners
after auditing our checklist
during the first month they showed
a positive growth in their positions after
the implementation of our checklist

SEO is long, expensive, difficult?

What prevents people from enrolling in website promotion courses? 95% of people believe that SEO is a complex and lengthy process that takes a lot of time and money. We are ready to dispel your doubts!

Everyone who says so is wrong. Let's think big. Think back to when you started this business. How long are you going to continue?

Most of those who applied to the CEO Academy have been developing their own business for a long time and are thinking of passing it on to their children. You can master search engine optimization and get the first results in 3-6 months. Is it really a lot when it comes to the business of life?

Only the owners of one-day companies that are not aimed at long-term work can call it long. Are you one of them?

Competent website promotion in SEO courses will allow you to reach TOP positions in the first 3-4 months. Six months of active work - customers will line up for you, bring friends and acquaintances. Enough work for a lifetime.


Another common misconception. SEO lessons make it clear: when it comes to scaling a business, you should not operate with the concepts of "expensive" or "cheap".

SEO can be expensive if outsourced to a third party agency or freelancer who will drain you of money for years. A specialist will not necessarily turn out to be dishonest (quite the contrary!), but will he treat your case with a soul? Each person has his own interest, and if he has several projects ... The result is predictable.

Many businessmen complain that the SEO specialist wants to take the maximum from the customer and spend the minimum. It turns out expensive. But not for those who have been trained in SEO courses.

Start promotion with non-competitive but profitable queries, bring them to the TOP in the first months and start to recoup your costs. Train yourself or train a staff specialist. It's always profitable.


An inner voice says SEO is too hard? Listen, is this your voice? It is a common practice among SEOs to convince everyone of this all the time. On the one hand, to increase your value in the eyes of the customer, on the other hand, to scare potential competitors, those who are just planning to take SEO training online.

The truth is, SEO is easy. You can do the optimization yourself, you can do the whole process yourself. SEO courses for beginners will equip you with a simple and clear plan of action. Register for our intensive webinars and courses, don't be lazy to read our Knowledge Base. As soon as you use our recommendations, the site will certainly be in the first positions in Google. Our team believes in your success!

Welcome to the Knowledge Base by Akademiya SEO

Every week we reveal the most important and proven "tricks" that will ensure you get into the TOP-3 of Google by implementing them
Among the free materials
You will find tutorials on:
  • FREE webinar
  • SEO Basics
  • Internal optimization
  • Request selection
  • Content
  • External optimization
  • Buying links
  • Social signals

TOP success stories of our students

We have selected the most interesting success stories of our students so that you can stop doubting.


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Website development


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Women's Blog


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Tennis Tournaments


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Dry cleaning of carpets

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Speech from Pavel

SEO works! Everyone can get loyal customers from search engines.

For more than 10 years, I have been observing one picture - SEO specialists make many promises to site owners, but a minimum of results. Huge budgets go nowhere. More precisely, they go into the pocket of an unscrupulous CEO. I do not like this approach to work - the reputation of the entire SEO promotion suffers from this.
Do you want to know all the secrets of effective promotion? Come to SEO Academy courses. Follow the step-by-step guide and in 2-3 months the site will bring noticeably more income. Don't waste your time looking for excuses - invest it in growing your business.

The resources you use while learning are an investment, not a waste.
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SEO Courses: Website Promotion with Akademiya SEO

Welcome to the Akademiya SEO site. You have come to the right place if:
Are you tired of paying SEOs to promote your site and not seeing results
You want to know what you are paying them for
Are you sure you want to get your site in the TOP-3 using SEO optimization
Are you tired of constantly paying for contextual advertising
You want to learn a new specialty and take SEO courses for beginners
Understand the intricacies of search promotion and make money with this knowledge.
Do you want to successfully promote products and services on the Internet? SEO courses from the SEO Academy are the most important step towards the development of any business. SEO (an acronym for Search Engine Optimization) aims to improve a website to increase its position in Google search results and drive traffic.
Do you want to be in the TOP 3? We know how to do it and want to teach you!
How to promote your site to the TOP 3 of Google on your own. step by step algorithm. Only proven methods.

Watch the video

The first SEO school invites you to study

Stop procrastinating! The complete SEO course from scratch is a highly commendable educational product. Over the years, we have conducted many experiments, accumulated invaluable experience and gained the necessary knowledge, and now we are happy to share effective tools with you.
SEO Academy offers a comprehensive course (check out the full list of SEO lessons and seminars), after successfully completing which you will “make” any SEO specialist yourself and will be able to work on his mistakes. Website promotion courses are a guarantee that you can do it!
Why SEO Academiya Courses?

This reflects the very ESSENCE of OUR SYSTEM. Let's take a closer look:
  • We talk in courses about fresh features of search engine promotion and show how they work on real projects;
  • We conduct intensives not for the purpose of advertising, but to really teach;
  • We don’t say that SEO is long, expensive, difficult, and we don’t offer our services for optimizing and promoting websites under this “sauce”, because we are sure that everyone can successfully complete SEO training;
  • We believe that it is not necessary to learn from your own mistakes and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on ineffective promotion. We have collected the most valuable experience in a single course on SEO - take it and use it!
After a course on website promotion and optimization, you will be able to independently raise your web resource to the TOP-3 and make a profit without the involvement of third-party SEO specialists. Or you will become the very CEO whose work is highly appreciated, because it brings tangible results. Customers will line up!

You can talk a lot, but why? Time is too valuable a resource. Act now if you want results!

Get a free consultation

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