In the literal translation from English "keywords" - "keywords. The options “keywords”, “key requests”, “keywicks”, “key phrases” are also used.

Key words in SEO called requests, which search engine users enter into the search bar.

SEO promotion based on site optimization under thematic keywords that cite traffic from search engines. The main goal is to capture the leading positions in TOP search results on specific requests.

To accomplish this task, it is originally compiled semantic core website, which in fact is a list of keywords distributed on separate pages, promoted by specific search queries.

The content of keywords in the text of the promoted page of the site should not exceed the recommended norms in 3 - 5 %, otherwise, search engines will consider it as spameless and (when observing a similar trend with its other pages) can apply sanctions in the form of pessimization or completely excluding a web resource from your index.

Depending on the quantity impressions, key requests are divided into high- (> 10 thousand / month), average- (1 –10 thousand / month) and low frequency (< 1 thousand impressions per month).

The most profitable promotion on HF keyboards, but it is also the most problematic due to the high level of competitiveness.