Standardized Location Index web resource in the Internet. Is unique to every web page posted on the World Wide Web.

URL open in browser pages can be seen on its address bar. The full address of the document in this case consists of:

  • PPD - data transfer protocol (usually http or safer https);
  • site type identifier (www - for viewing from a PC, wap - from a mobile), which is optional and is currently rarely used;
  • domain name (domain);
  • port number for accessing files on the server (when browsing the web is not indicated by default);
  • local document address (LAW) on the server.

The web page URL usually looks like this:

PPD: //www.domen/LAD.html

A feature of URL (or URL in Russian-speaking professional jargonism) is the possibility of using only Latin characters. Even if the domain name is displayed in the address bar with a Cyrillic alphabet, in fact it is encoded using the same Latin alphabet.